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Your Wife Is Not Your Momma: How to have Heaven in your Home

  • By: Boone, Wellington
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At the beginning of the Bible, there’s a marriage: Adam and Mrs. Adam. At the end of the Bible, there’s a marriage: Marriage Supper of the Lamb. You know that when the Bible begins and ends with marriage, there’s something awesome about marriage that we’re all supposed to see.

Your Wife Is Not Your Momma is more than a book title! Ever since Wellington Boone introduced the first edition, football stadiums filled with men roar with laughter when they hear those famous words. Whenever he is introduced, no matter how many other books he has written, one title makes it to the top of the list: “Your Wife Is Not Your Momma!”

Bishop Boone challenges every man with the truth about marriage. He says, “You men complain, ‘My wife doesn’t cook like my momma. She doesn’t keep house like my momma. She doesn’t care for the kids like my momma.’” Then he shouts above the roar of the women, “That’s because she ain’t your momma!”

Your Wife Is Not Your Momma is a fun-filled yet vital message to men about creating an environment of Heaven in your home for a lasting and fulfilling marriage. In this book, Bishop Boone tells husbands how to act like grown-up men and single women how to choose their man. He gives sound advice from the Bible and his experience of almost 50 years of marriage and ministry. He tells men, “Blow your wife’s mind.” He tells women, “Be a Kingmaker. Build a winning team.”

Bishop Boone’s straight talk provides solutions. Put Jesus first, then love your wife as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for her. When Jesus is your example and you stay focused on the eternal, you find supernatural strength to love her no matter what else is going on with you.

Men worldwide have stayed happily married by following what Bishop Boone teaches. He knows what works, why it works, and how to apply it to your life. Single, divorced, newlywed, or celebrating a silver anniversary, he gives fun-filled and right-on counsel from a pastor's heart. He uses the Bible to resolve crises and build marriages that last a lifetime.

CHAPTER TITLES. Going All Out for Your Wife. Women Should Marry Grown-Up Men. Men Should Marry Kingmaker Women. Blow Your Wife’s Mind. Have the Home Court Advantage All the Time. In-Laws Are Not Outlaws. Be the Man of God Your Family Needs. Marriage Is On-the-Job Training for the Future.

REVISED AND EXPANDED EDITION. The 2021 Revised and Expanded Edition adds a new 35-page section with “Resources for Heaven in Your Home.” Scriptures on perseverance, hope, Christlike character, Heaven, and Eternity. Daily Bible readings help men focus on God to build an environment of Heaven in their homes. Every chapter still challenges men with “Selah” questions for reflection, Bible references and footnotes, charts and checklists, and challenge assignments for going all out for your wife.

REVIEWS. "My husband and I read it together in the morning after we read the Bible together. We want our lives to be Christian, from the inside out, so that the way we treat each other at home is true to what Jesus told us to do.”—Amazon 5-Star Review “. . . an engaging portrait of God's master plan for marriage relationships.—"Publishers Weekly “Boone tells men how to make the transition from being single to being married, how to deal with in-laws, and how a good marriage can make a man successful in other areas of his life.”—Atlanta Journal Constitution "It's got transforming power!"—James Robison, who bought thousands of copies for donors to Life Outreach. “If you are spiritually immature or ‘soft’ as relates to your responsibilities as a husband . . . you're not ready for this book. If you want to be challenged and grow in your marriage . . . get this book!”—Amazon 5-Star Review


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