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Corey & Meredith Stark

Worship in Spirit and Truth: The Fragrance of a Surrendered Life (MP3 Series)


It is almost unbelievable that the eternal, infinite and uncreated God who conceived of and created all things in existence would actually seek for anything, yet Scripture declares that He is seeking true worshippers (John 4:23-24). Unfortunately in our day the subject of worship has been utterly confused, radically redefined and almost wholesale reduced to merely singing songs in a weekly Church service. Is worship in spirit and truth a ritualistic, emotional formalism that we can schedule at will? Is it mostly about us - how we feel or what we receive? Is it simply a genre’ or style of music? Is it merely a good “warm up” to the preaching of the Word? Could this be the totality of worship that the Almighty is seeking or is it much more? Is it possible to sing, “I worship You” while never truly engaging in authentic spiritual worship at all? In this two-part series, Corey systematically describes the shocking biblical description of what true spiritual worship really is, while revealing God’s sincere pursuit of those who are willing to sacrificially abandon all for the sake of love!

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