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Women Are Kingmakers!: Celebrating God's Great Idea: Women!

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  • By: Boone, Wellington
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In every area of society, some women stand out from the crowd. Wellington Boone calls them Kingmakers. They're the women that people remember. They're the women that people should listen to. They're the wives, mothers, teachers, and managers who helped others become what they are today. You don't see the mom behind a person who becomes great, but she's a Kingmaker, whether you see her or not. She's under-acknowledged and under-appreciated, but she's a Kingmaker just the same. A Kingmaker has the power of influence over another person's life and the ability from God to make that person great.Wellington Boone calls his wife Katheryn the Kingmaker who inspired his book Women Are Kingmakers! They have been married for 45 years. He honors his wife as his Kingmaker, but how does she rate him as a husband?Let’s look back to an event in 1996 when Wellington Boone was a leading speaker for the explosive Christian men’s organization called Promise Keepers that was filling football stadiums with enthusiastic men and a pastor developing leaders who were men and women of character.At a Promise Keepers event in Chicago that year, his topic was “Going All Out for Your Wife” and he was on a roll. Men cheered as he told them how to become more like Christ to their wives. Then he stopped and called his wife Katheryn to come from backstage. As the Windy City blew everything off his podium, he asked her to tell the men what she had said to him the night before at their hotel. Katheryn Boone had already been his wife for 23 years, so few things he did could surprise her, but this time 80,000 men were watching as she walked across the stage to respond to him. She said. “My husband came back to the hotel last night. I didn’t come to the evening meeting so I didn’t know anything that was going on and he asked me a question. He said, “Hon, how would you rate me, from one to ten?” He didn’t prep me or anything. I really thought about this thing and I didn’t answer him right away, I just want you to know, but I told him from one to ten, I rate him an eleven.”They still have the same success teaching men and women truths that make marriages last!BISHOP BOONE has been a respected Christian ministry leader and pioneer in reconciliation for more than 45 years. From small churches to stadiums he has equipped men and women to be pastors and leaders through personal transformation by prayer, the Bible, Jesus Christ and His eternal principles, a daily lifestyle of holiness with the power of the Holy Spirit. His teachings are both spiritual and practical with a consciousness of living all of life with eternity in view. He is known for personally developing leaders with enduring Christ-like character. Recently he and his wife Katheryn began a new outreach to Germany, the country where they met in high school many years ago.As a motivational speaker known for biblical substance, he has taught and inspired more than a million people in live audiences. He is the founder of the Fellowship of International Churches and is respected by international Christian denominations and ministries of all kinds, including Promise Keepers, YWAM, MorningStar, and the Salvation Army. He has served on prestigious megachurch and national and international boards, including the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability (ECFA), Regent University Board of Trustees, and March for Jesus U.S. (chairman of the board).A popular author for Doubleday, Broadman and Holman,and other publishers, his books include Your Wife Is Not Your Momma, A Man’s Journey with God, Black Self-Genocide, Dare to Hope, Holy Ghost Is My Friend, Low Road to New Heights, Women Are Kingmakers! and Your Journey with God. Regent University houses the Wellington Boone Collection of four decades of his books, manuscripts, research, and multimedia. He is committed to developing leaders with Christ-like character everywhere. More resources at https://wellingtonboone.com.

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