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What the Spirit is Saying to the Church

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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At the onething conference in 2009, Mike Bickle gave eight messages identifying what he believes the Holy Spirit is speaking to the Church in this hour.  In this series, he gives clear, bold, and prophetic teachings on what individual believers and the Church at large should be focused on in this hour.  

The subjects that he covers include the following:

  • The need of this great hour of history
  • Releasing the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • Prayer energized by intimacy with God
  • Loving God: the first commendment restored to first place
  • The end-time worship movement: full-time singers and musicians
  • Introducing the battle for Jerusalem: the main issues


8-Part series from 2009 by Mike Bickle:

01 - The Need of This Great Hour of History

02 - Releasing the Supernatural Ministry of the Holy Spirit

03 - Prayer Energized By Intimacy with God

04 - Loving God: The First Commandment Restored to First Place

05 - The End-Time Worship Movement: Full-Time Singers and MusiciansIv4þJ

06 - Introducing the Battle for Jerusalem: The Main Issues

07 - Allegiance to Jesus: Resisting the False Justice Movement

08 - The Great Commission: Our Justice Commitment

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