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What Does God Want?: Aligning Your Life with God's Desire

  • By: Whitefield, Samuel
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In eternity past, there was nothing when, suddenly, divine desire shattered the darkness and created a cosmos filled with creatures. God formed the cosmos and one creature in particular to fulfill His divine desire. But what is that desire? What does God want?

Everything in this age has been made for two reasons:

  1. God wants to be known—This age has been designed by God to reveal the deepest parts of His person.
  2. God wants a people formed into His image—God is using this age to shape and form a companion into His image.

Biblical discipleship is a process of reorienting our lives around God’s desire. If you know why God created everything and why this age exists, you can live a life of wisdom aligned with His desire. If you do not fully grasp these two reasons, your life will not be fully aligned with His purposes. Tragically, most people do not realize God’s purpose for this fallen age, so they live aimlessly out of sync with His desire. 

Can you imagine the shock so many will experience when they realize they did not live with God’s purposes for the age in mind?

In What Does God Want? discover:

  • Why God created the cosmos and how we cooperate with His burning desire.
  • Why sin did not stop God’s plan, but instead revealed aspects of God’s nature that could not have been known otherwise.
  • How the Father is leading history to answer Jesus’ passionate prayer.
  • Why God’s plan to reveal Himself is incomplete without a people formed in His image.
  • Why a corporate people must become the undeniable evidence that Jesus exists.
  • Why the mature end-time church is the most neglected end-time theme and how this theme must influence our discipleship.

Are you ready to align your life with God’s desire?


196 pages


ISBN: 978-1-7353454-6-8

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