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Watch of the Lord

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If you long for revival in the church or seek personal renewal, God will meet you on your knees. The Holy Spirit of God invites you to enter a place of breathtaking holiness and awesome glory by experiencing the Watch of the Lord. There you'll discover your place as God's watchman for the End-Time church of Jesus Christ and be filled with His miraculous power in your daily life. Experiencing a manifestation of God's glory comes as a result of sustained, committed and regular corporate prayer. As you read, you will learn how the Watch of the Lord can: Release in you a hunger for corporate revival Pave the way for greater fruitfulness in evangelism in your life Restore purity to the church Push back the forces of evil in these wicked times Respond biblically to a nation that is in peril Whether you intend to start your own prayer watch, or learn how to become a watchman on the wall alone, you will come away with practical, Scripture-based tools that will help you to experience more of God daily-and more of His glory and power in your life!

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