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Unlocking the Heart of the Artist: A Practical Guide to Fulfilling Your Creative Call as an Artist in the Kingdom

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Unlocking the Heart of the Artist has been called "The Purpose-Driven Life for Artists" and is a clarion call to a new generation of artists who want to fulfill their unique purpose in the Kingdom of God. At the core of Unlocking the Heart of the Artist is an invitation to begin a journey of healing and wholeness that will yield deeper Spirit-led creativity and personal fulfillment. In addition, through learning practical ways to engage the Holy Spirit in their creative process, the reader will learn how to collaborate with God not only in their chosen artistic medium but in life. Author Matt Tommey is quoted as saying "Over the years, I’ve encountered many artists, musicians, craftsmen and other creative ones who have, for one reason or another, become stuck. The ‘stuckness’ originates from many different places – woundedness, fear, control, unbelief, religious barriers – and creates a frustration in their life that becomes unbearable. Many artists, unable to understand what’s really going on either run headlong into ‘creativity for creativities sake’ or turn to unhealthy alternatives in order to numb or overcome the pain they are feeling. Many more simply give up, hide the gift by stuffing it down under ‘Christian work ethic’ and just try to gone on with life as usual. Whatever their flavor of ‘stuckness’, the Father wants His artists to be fully released to worship Him through their creative expression. His desire is that nothing holds them back from the creative destiny for their life. If you're an artist, it’s time to walk in the destiny and fullness that God’s designed for you. Your heart beating fast, your imagination vivid, your eyes wide with wonder and desire – that’s His desire for you! A life fully alive, fully engaged, fully embracing the creative destiny He’s given you. He’s been waiting for this moment your whole life.”

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