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Trusting God in the Darkness: A Guide to Understanding the Book of Job

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It’s easy for us to trust God when life is going well.

But when suffering comes, trusting God’s goodness, his attentiveness to what’s going on in the world, and his justice becomes far more difficult. In times of intense suffering, many of us ask, Why does God allow these things to happen?

In the Bible, Job is known for facing intense personal suffering. Yet, upon closer examination, we find the book of Job is about more than just Job’s calamities; it’s a story about God and his relationship to Christ and his people in their suffering. In this helpful guide, Christopher Ash helps us explore the question, Where is God in the midst of suffering? As we read, meditate, and pray through the book of Job, we will find assurance that God will be with us in Christ through every season and trial.

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