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Treading the Winepress: The Terrifying Administration of God's Affection

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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At the end of the age, mankind will be divided.  Many believers, in the midst of God's shakings and judgments, will stand confused in their understanding and offended in their hearts, wondering 'where is our God?'  Yet, in this hour of human history, God is raising up a company of forerunners who recognize the Bridegroom in the actions of Jesus the Judge at the end of the age.  Rooted and grounded in love, they stand confident that the Bridegroom's fiery affections are the driving force behind His terrifying judgments.

in this three-part series, Mike considers two facets of God's personality: His mercy and His judgment.  His consuming jealousy devours everything that hinders love, for he will have His Bride!  When this sermon was first preached, revelation so powerfully and profoundly pierced the hearts of international church leaders that they publicly repented for not understanding the heart of Jesus the Judge.

Will you be a friend of the Bridegroom who hears His heart and understands His actions? Will you be one who can stand, even in the midst of shakings, unmoved in your affections, unswerving in your confessions, boldly declaring, 'Just and true are Your ways'?


3-Part series by Mike Bickle

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