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Through the Eyes of Love

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  • By: Bolz, Shawn
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Seeing the world through a lens of love is not easy, but when you commit to this practice you will begin to see God’s power move in surprising ways. Through the Eyes of Love shows us how operating from a place of love is the most effective way to walk in the Spirit. This book will help you grow in spiritual authority and learn how to speak powerful words.

If you pursue spiritual gifts—especially words of knowledge—you will begin to realize that knowing God’s thoughts shifts the lens through which you see people and culture. In fact, being on the receiving end of a direct message from God will open your spiritual eyes. It’s like seeing a color you never knew existed.

As you sincerely pray and ask God what He wants to say to your coworkers, your neighbors, and your city, you will be surprised at how often He speaks.

Paperback: 208 pages

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