The Spiritual Roots of Kansas City: Discovering the Past to Shape Our Future

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One hundred years ago, Kansas Citians referred to their city as "the prophetic city." Why did this name fit the city?

Have you ever wondered about the spiritual destiny of cities? Kansas City has a unique spiritual history. In the following pages, you'll discover the spiritual roots of Kansas City.

For instance, did you know...

  • a gift built the first church?
  • a fraudulent auction played a key role in establishing the city?
  • but for a flood in 1844, the metro area might be called Independence?
  • a mob boss ruled the city, but the efforts of a rabbi helped topple the mob?

Using the lens of history, The Spiritual Roots of Kansas City examines relevant topics facing the church today. Division, racism, corruption, community development, generosity, prayer, and grassroots change--Kansas City's churches have done it all, for better or for worse. Let's learn from the past two hundred years as we step together into the future.

Each chapter comes with discussion questions, making this book perfect for your classroom, small group, or Bible study!



208 pages

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