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There is Room in Your Womb

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  • By: Helmer, Danielle
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What is God’s message to the churches of America?

How does He plan to overturn Roe V. Wade?


Danielle set her heart to fast and ask these questions during the 2020 elections. God answered her with a dazzling sign in the heavens and a life-altering dream. In the dream, He showed her that the enemy has attacked the women of our nation, attempting to seize their physical and spiritual wombs. But God has a plan to resurrect them and impregnate them with promise. This book will infuse you with HOPE that where you might feel as though your destiny is barrenness, God is saying that you are a Baroness. You will be fruitful and multiply in every capacity. Jesus, our Bridegroom and Judge is releasing a divine invitation to the women of this nation to weep in repentance and prophesy in boldness on behalf of the voiceless in America as we believe for freedom for them. Room in Your Womb is a Blueprint as we prepare for the overturn of Roe V. Wade and watch God heal the wombs of our land through our partnership with Him in a spirit of adoption. 

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