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The Global Bridegroom Fast

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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In these teachings, Mike Bickle recounts a word he received from the Lord in January 2002: "I am raising up a Global Bridegroom Fast; ask Me to release one-hundred million believers worldwide to come before Me in one accord for three days each month until I return."

Mike shares in these messages why he believes the Lord asked him to call believers around the world to fast and pray monthly until the return of Christ.  He also explains the power of solemn assemblies coupled with fasting.

The newly added third teaching features Don Finto, author of Your People Shall Be My People.

Gain insight into the meaning of the Global Bridegroom Fast and the biblical precedent for lovesick believers to long and mourn for Jesus to return to the earth.

3-Part series by Mike Bickle

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