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The Assault On America

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  • By: McFarland, Alex
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WILL 2020 BE THE YEAR THAT RESCUE OF AMERICA HAS FINALLY DRIFTED BEYOND REACH? AMERICA- YOUR HOME- IS BEING SUBJECTED TO INJURY THAT MAY BE TERMINAL.YOU KNOW IT. OUR LEADERS KNOW IT. SOME WANT IT THAT WAY. PLANNED ANARCHY AND MORE CIVIL UNREST IS COMING SOON TO YOUR CITY— BELIEVE IT. ARE YOU PREPARED? IS THERE HOPE? WHAT SHOULD WE DO? America today is like a patient valiantly struggling to live yet is being forcibly euthanized by her “doctors.” The “life force” within the patient- fighting for survival- is the honest citizens like yourself. The team of “care givers,” an amalgam of both ineptitude and malice- are the local and national leaders, actually contributing to the demise of the patient. Sadly, for America, this analogy is the reality we are living today. Regrettably, many of our elected officials now have a vested interest in America’s decline: The economy crashing, crime exploding, the Constitution being abolished . . . and your civil rights disappearing. With malice and greed more suited to a Shakespearean tragedy than to the holding of elected office, many of our most famous politicians truly are villains who care nothing about the country they are not serving but harming.THIS BOOK’S SINGLE PURPOSE: TO GET YOU PREPARED America is embroiled in a spiritual battle and this you must get ready now for the dark days that lie ahead. Alex McFarland has spent 25 years researching, writing, and teaching on American government, culture, and the philosophies that have shaped history. Read this book to learn: •the real source of all of America’s current problems- that no one else is talking about •clear predictions about your future as it relates to the outcome of the next election •why 2020 will go down as one of the most pivotal years in world history •what you can do now to face tomorrow secular- regardless of what tomorrow brings

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