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Mike Bickle

The Sacred Charge: 7 Commitments of a Forerunner (DVD Series)


The Sacred Charge is a prophetic call to refuse to settle for anything less than radical pursuit of God and His purposes for this generation. This teaching challenges us to live in wholehearted pursuit of Jesus as forerunners who operate in the power of the Holy Spirit today, as we prepare ourselves to prepare others for the Lord's return. Mike Bickle identifies seven foundational commitments to walk out this sacred charge in everyday life, with insights and practical steps on how to do this. Pray Daily: Connecting with God while Changing the World Fast Weekly: Positioning Ourselves to Receive More from God Do Justly: Being Zealous for Good Works that Exalt Jesus Give Extravagantly: The Joy of Financial Power Encounters Live Holy: Living Fascinated in the Pleasures of Loving God Lead Diligently: Taking Initiative to Minister to Others Speak Boldly: Being a Faithful Witness of the Truth Also available in CD and MP3.

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