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The Master's Plan for Making Disciples, 2nd Edition

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Win and Charles Arn's book The Master's Plan for Making Disciples has been used by thousands of church leaders and laypeople to expand Christ's church. In a new edition of this influential work, the authors reaffirm their blueprint for effective Christian witness.

The strategy reviewed in this text, the authors explain, uses the powerful principles of disciple-making exemplified and called for by our own Master. The Master's Plan for Making Disciples seeks to identify, illustrate, explain, and apply for you and your church both principles and practices which have produced and will continue to produce abundant results in the lives of individuals and churches.

The Master's Plan for Making Disciples contends that instead of using canned approaches to sharing the gospel, individual Christians should focus on disciple-making as a part of their lifestyle, sharing their faith naturally within their own network of friends and relatives. According to the authors, throughout the history of the church this method has been the most successful in leading people to faith in Christ and membership in the church.

The Arns suggest that this approach is the most effective avenue for witnessing because:

  • it provides a natural framework for sharing the good news
  • it makes people more receptive to the gospel
  • it allows for unhurried and natural sharing
  • it provides natural support when the friend or relative comes to Christ
  • it results in more effective assimilation of new converts into the church
  • it tends to win families
  • it provides a constantly enlarging source of new contacts
  • it is church-based

After articulating principles for making disciples, the authors offer ideas for reaching friends and family, insights on how congregations can support evangelism, and suggestions for more effective incorporation of new converts into the church community. The second edition of The Master's Plan for Making Disciples features many helpful charts and several ten-minute Bible studies.

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