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Luke Wood

The Law and the Prophets

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Luke Wood's debut album, The Law and the Prophets, pairs delicately crafted arrangements with honest, insightful lyrics. He declares his focus and purpose with the song ""Firstborn from the Dead."" ""Jesus Christ, the faithful witness unto death / You set Your face to persevere until the end / You cried alone, You bled alone, You died alone / Forsaken by God and man / Hung between heaven and earth."" Evident of the hours spent studying and meditating on the Word, Wood produces mature, tender songs describing the desire for complete abandonment for God. Initially, the album is an easy listen with catchy tunes and addictive melodies. But each song is packed with convictions derived from well-grounded theology, building up to anthems that make the transition from intimate confession to the dynamics of a corporate worship song. While laid-back, the arrangements found throughout the album are rich in imagination, striving towards a specific vision of ingenuity. Whether it's the fading in of rich organs, crisp driving rhythm from the electric guitar, or the distinct sounds of a Rhodes piano, all are combined well to support Wood's soft voice. The Law and the Prophets is an album that stretches the boundaries of musicians and contemplatives alike. Tracks: 1. You Are Good 2. Relentless 3. Draw Me Away 4. You Pour Out Mercy 5. Kiss My Soul 6. The Law and the Prophets 7. Think About You 8. Seven Stars 9. Walk In 10. Light Up My Life 11. Firstborn From the Dead 12. Heart After You

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