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The Knowledge of the Holy

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What is the nature of God? How can we recapture a real sense of God's majesty and truly live in the Spirit? This beloved book, a modern classic of Christian testimony and devotion, addresses these and other vital questions, showing how we can rejuvenate our prayer life, meditate more reverently, understand God more deeply, and experience God's presence in our daily lives. Informative and inspiring, The Knowledge of the Holy illuminates God's attributes— wisdom, to grace, to mercy— shows through prayerful and insightful discussions how we can more fully recognize and appreciate each of these divine aspects.

This book bears eloquent witness to God's majesty, showing us new ways to experience and understand the wonder and the power of God's Spirit in our daily lives. A. W. Tozer (1897-1963) was a popular evangelical author and Christian mystic. The author of more than thirty books, he has been called one of the most influential American evangelists of the twentieth century. Corey Russell, an instructor at the Forerunner School of Ministry, recommends this book: "If I were to be locked away for a time with no access to anything I would take Knowledge of the Holy with me and read it again and again and again until it was alive in my spirit."

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