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The Heart of God for Israel: 21-Day Devotional

  • By: Bezencon, Pierre
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A 21-day, three-week journey to understand and partner with God's heart and purposes for Israel as revealed in Scripture.
Week 1 (Day 1-7): God's love language toward Israel
Week 2 (Day 2-14): God's covenants with Israel
Week 3 (Day 15-21): God's love for Jerusalem

About the author:  Pierre Bezencon was born in Switzerland.  He and his wife, Laurence, earned their Masters in Divinity and have served God full-time as pastors and Bible teachers for over thirty-five years.  They have authored several books.  Since 2018, Pierre has been an intercessory missionary at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, where he has been part of the Israel Mandate leadership team.  Pierre's passion is to communicate the Father heart of God.


This devotional reveals the deep relationship that God desires with Israel.  It draws the reader into discovering God's emotions toward His people.  Day after day, it unveils His motives and heart's longing.  It shows the richness of God's love as a Father, Shepherd, Bridegroom, and King toward His Beloved Israel.  Pierre has been faithfully praying for Israel for over 20 years.  He is the real deal.  - Mike Bickle, International House of Prayer of Kansas City.

The Scripture explicitly exhorts us to pray for peace for Jerusalem in Psalms 122.  Furthermore, the Apostle Paul clearly emphasizes the importance of the salvation of Jewish people in Romans 9-11 as part of God's redemptive purpose.  This 21-day devotional provides daily manna and scripturally rooted prayer guidance for us to agree with the Holy Spirit and one another on a 21-day focus to join His heart for Israel at this crucial hour of redemptive history.  I highly recommend it.  -  Daniel Lim, IHOPKC CEO, 2008-2020

Pierre Bezencon's work is excellent on many levels: it is biblically balanced and radical all at the same time; it connects us to the mainline heart of the Father for the Jewish people; it is a joy to read.  I am delighted to recommend is as a guide for prayer! Avner Boskey, Final Frontier Ministries, Beersheva/Nashville


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