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The Great Communion Revival

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  • By: Briggs, Dean
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When you think about the rite of Communion as commonly practiced in church, what comes to mind? Whether your experience has been that of thin, stale crackers with a few nips of watery grape juice, or fresh, unleavened bread with wine in a fancy cup, the greater question is not what did you experience, but Whom?

All three branches of Christendom regularly practice the Lord’s Supper, but among Protestants in particular, the ritual is often more obligatory than truly commerative. We've lost or forgotten something important.

In this compelling new work, Dean Briggs combines ancient Biblical truth with fresh prophetic insights to pose a question: Could the Holy Spirit be orchestrating a massive, global awakening to honor the body and blood of Jesus like never before? If so, could a Great Communion Revival become a force to challenge powers of darkness, while accelerating gospel proclamation and unity, thereby demonstrating the triumph of the Lamb of God over the accuser of the brethren?

In The Coming Great Blood Communion Revival, dramatic insights await:

  • If God judged the powers of Egypt with Passover, what does the Body of Christ in the Last Days need to rediscover about the blood of the Lamb?
  • Is our generational expectation of revival based more on the Old Covenant than the New? If so, is there a better template to follow?
  • How can Bible-believing Protestants – Evangelicals, Charismatics, Pentecostals, non-denominational, etc – embrace Communion at a more sacramental level with an experience of Christ that goes beyond the merely symbolic, token act many churches presently practice?
  • Can a new lens for the book of Leviticus open up the secrets of God's longing for fellowship with humanity?
  • Why is it critical to learn how to overcome the Accuser in our own lives, and how do we do it?
  • Is Communion merely a remembrance, or a proclamation of power and a reenactment of the triumph of the Cross. Is it a moment in a church service, or a meal we share with God?
  • How might a greater understanding of Communion fit into the retelling of the Passover story in the last days, and why is it so powerful when practiced with revelation and faith?
  • With reports of “Communion dreams” coming from all over the world, could a recent seismic event signal shockwaves of revelation that will sweep hundreds of millions into the kingdom?

In an age of rootless faith and immediate gratification, Communion offers a different kind of experience with the living Christ. It operates on many levels for the strengthening the global church, and is deserving of far more than the token observation we have given it. If you long for a deeper understanding of the power of Jesus’ blood, prepare to be surprised! The Great Communion Revival will open your eyes to the cosmic triumph of Christ and our chance to participate in it through a simple meal of bread and wine.

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