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The Fast: Rediscovering Jesus Pathway to Power

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  • By: Engle, Lou
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To read this book is to read a story. Yes, partly my story, but primarily it’s the story of Jesus and his original forty-day Jesus Fast that released the original Jesus anointing for evangelism and harvest. It is also a prophetic summons calling for a global reenactment and recovery of Jesus’ original pattern and pathway leading to power from on high.

This is a book of dreams and, if I may say so, of God’s dreams, dreams of a new world where the Bride of Christ is beautified, where Satan is cast down, where the Kingdom comes, where evangelism is empowered, and where shouts of joy fill the streets because the Spirit of the Lord has come to heal every disease and sickness. This is a book about the Jesus Fast that will open the heavens and precipitate the latter rain. Let us all go up to the Mountain of the Lord. Let the earth go up in the global Jesus Fast.

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