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Jack Deere

The Beginner's Guide to The Gift of Prophecy


What is the gift of prophecy? Who has it? What is its purpose? How can you hear what God has to say to His people? In The Beginnerís Guide to the Gift of Prophecy, Jack Deere describes the spiritual gift at work in the Church today. Youíll find a balanced overview of the role prophecy plays in the twenty-first-century Church as well as practical guidance for discerning prophetic authenticity and for exercising the gift in your faith community. Youíll learn how God speaks today, how to understand His messages, how to avoid deception and false prophets, and how to grow your gift to benefit Godís people. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced prophetic minister, Dr. Deereís honest and thoughtful exploration of this biblical gift will equip you to hear what God is saying.

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