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Mike Bickle

The Battle of Jerusalem


Downloadable MP3
The battle for Jerusalem is a spiritual, political, and military battle for the control of Jerusalem. This is one of the most significant battlefronts in the Spirit today; it will manifest in fullness at the end of the age in the Battle of Jerusalem, and will be ended by Jesus when He returns to reign as King over the whole earth. In the end times, Satan will wage war against Israel and the Church. Jesus as a man, will use the keys of the kingdom to cast Satan into prison (Rev. 20:1-3) in preparation for the New Jerusalem to descend to earth. In this teaching, Mike Bickle lays out the details of this battle and its importance to the Church today, bringing prophetic insight and spiritual understanding to the eschatological future when Jesus will return to reign from Jerusalem, the city of the Great King. Also available in CD.

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