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Surprised by the Fire

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This is a book to prepare the heart for suffering and trial. My purpose is not to frighten, or to alarm, or to sensationalize, or be overly dramatic. I am definitely not predicting a timeframe for the trials that precede the second coming of Christ. I do feel that we could be in the last generation, and I've made some statements with that possibility in mind; but that's not the book's purpose. The overall thrust of this book is beneficial even in times of ease. The message is one the Church needs to embrace no matter what the external circumstances-whether Jesus is about to break through the clouds or not. The glory of the message is that, if we will begin to practice the instructions written by Peter some 2000 years ago, we will develop an internal and unquenchable fire of love for God and His Church. And as that fire of love grows in our hearts, we will not be surprised by the fire kindled against us as we come to the end of the age.

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