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Dan Wilson

Supernatural Marriage: The Joy of Spirit-Led Intimacy


God loves relationship. He created us to be in relationship with Him. And He created marriage for man and woman to reflect that divine union of love, peace, joy, intimacy and fruitfulness. No matter what condition your marital relationship is currently in, God is well able to invade it with His supernatural love and supernatural power to create a supernatural marriage for you and your spouse! The key to a supernatural marriage is Spirit-led intimacy. Intimacy with God makes it possible for us to successfully enter the extreme and satisfying intimacy of marriage. Man, woman and God are brought together to create an entity that Satan has no reliable way to attack, no useful battle plan to defeat and no effective weapon to destroy. In Supernatural Marriage, Dan Wilson details important steps to achieving this kind of Spirit-led intimacy—at one as a couple and at one with God.

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