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Studies in the Song of Solomon

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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One of the greatest needs in the Church today is to understand Jesus’ love. Leaders throughout Church history have encouraged people to read the Song where two distinctives are emphasized—God’s emotions for His people and the First Commandment. The Song sets forth in a poetic way some key principles that we need to grow in love and partnership with Jesus.

The theme throughout the Song of Solomon is the Bride’s spiritual journey to be drawn near to Jesus in intimacy, and then to run in ministry, in partnership with Jesus and others. The Song has two main sections; each section has a different primary focus. Song 1-4 is focused on God’s people receiving their inheritance in God. Song 5-8 is focused on God receiving His inheritance in His people.

12 Part Series from 2014 by Mike Bickle:

  1. Introduction to Studying the Song: Why and How
  2. An Overview of the Story Line in the Song of Solomon 2
  3. The Bride's Life Vision (Song 1:2-4)
  4. The Paradox of Grace: Dark but Lovely (Song 1:2-11)
  5. A Believer's Identity in God's Beauty (Song 1:12-2:7)
  6. Challenging the Comfort Zone (Song 2:8-17)
  7. God's Loving Discipline and Safe Leadership (Song 3:1-11)
  8. The Ravished Heart of God (Song 4:1-16)
  9. The Ultimate Twofold Test (Song 5:2-16)
  10. Jesus Praises the Bride after Her Season of Testing (Song 6:4-10)
  11. The Bride’s Vindication and Partnership with Jesus (Song 6:11-8:4)
  12. The Bridal Seal of Mature Love (Song 8:5-14)

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