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Stars & the Sword

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{Revelation 1:16}

2nd in the series; The Hands & Feet Of Jesus

By: Megan Leigh Kasper~ Inspired Art

Painted in the Global Prayer Room, IHOPKC

As I was drawing out the 1st piece of the series, He Holds the Keys, I began to envision another art piece, this one with the 7 stars in his right hand. When I began this piece wanting it portray the strength, the majesty & wonder that the scripture portrays our Jesus. Bright & shining colors, richness in what he adorns & at a stance to draw his mighty sword the moment the Father says, “It’s finally time my son.”

On the Blade is engraved: Word Of Life

Top of Hilt: The Coming One

Center of Hilt: Yeshua

Bottom of Hilt: Light Of The World

Acrylic on Canvas

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