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Stand in Awe CD


This album, recorded live at Forerunner Christian Fellowship on the International House of Prayer missions base, offers songs that have been sung by thousands, both in the packed-out prayer room and in the massive Onething conference hall over the past six years. Now, for the first time, these songs have been recorded, featuring a live audience whose participation helps to capture the spirit of worship from which this music emerged. Jon's infectious, joyful passion provides the heartbeat to this inspiring collection of songs, recorded live at the International House of Prayer missions base.

Track Listing:
1. Who Is Like You?
2. Have the Glory
3. Fully in Love
4. Take Your Place
5. Before Your Eyes
6. Simple Conversation
7. I Love Your Ministry
8. Love Remains
9. Fairer Than the Sons of Men
10. Stand in Awe
11. Things Are Not Okay

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