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Shifting Nations Through Houses of Prayer

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  • By: Ridings, Rick
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Shifting Nations Through Houses of Prayer emphasizes that the main thing is not houses of prayer, or shifting cities or nations. It's not even worship or prayer. The main thing is the Lord Himself. It's only His Presence that can change a city or nation in lasting ways. This book seeks to help prepare a dwelling place for Him in your city and nation - and in our hearts.

There is simply no book like this one on how to shake a nation through 24-hours-a-day prayer. It is both a training manual for around-the-clock intercession, and an invitation to become an intimate lover of God.

This is not theory from novices. This book offers wisdom that can be gained only by a persevering lifestyle of long-term commitment to Jesus, and through costly experience. Anyone who can establish and sustain 24/7 prayer and worship in Jerusalem through the years of suicide bombings and other terrorist activities has clearly persevered in the faith and obedience required to give an authoritative voice to the truths in this book.

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