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Sharing Love Abundantly In Special Needs Families

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Special Needs Parenting Puts Love to the TestYou’ve probably already heard the scary statistics and been warned that divorce rates are noticeably higher among special-needs families—with so much energy being poured into the care of kids with special needs, marriages can easily fall apart. That’s why, it’s crucial for caregiving couples to speak one another’s love language and for parents to communicate using the love languages of their children; every interaction needs to have maximum impact in filling a spouse or child’s love tank. This bookwas written to help you do just that amidst the specific challenges that disability present. Learn from the love language expert, Dr. Gary Chapman and trusted special needs author, Jolene Philo, about what the 5 Love Languages can do for your family. Plus, it includes tools and techniques for learning the love languages of non-verbal kids or kids with other development delays.

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