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Wes Martin

Sermon on the Mount (MP3 Series)


The Sermon on the Mount is more than a set of guidelines that will give us a better life, make us more successful, or clear our conscience. Jesus' teaching to the crowd who gathered on the hillside by the Sea of Galilee gives insight into the wisdom and character of God; Jesus defines love, godliness, and the kind of spiritual maturity that pleases God. Wes Martin encourages us to follow these teachings of Jesus and heed His call to be perfect—mature in obedience—that we would find new levels of joy in Him as we are transformed into the likeness of our Maker. Wes Martin has been a full-time missionary at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City since 2004, where he serves as the director of onething regional conferences and as part of the senior leadership team of IHOP–KC. Wes carries a clear message of the fear of the Lord and wholehearted love for Jesus.

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