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Steve Foss

Satan's Dirty Little Secret: The two demon spirits that all demons get their strength from

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Satan has always used the same schemes to bind, oppress, confound, and deceive mankind. What he is doing today is nothing newóthe traps he sets for us are the same ones he set two thousand years ago. Satanís Dirty Little Secret exposes the two demons behind all of Satanís attacks. This prophetic revelation given in a vision to Pastor Steve Foss exposes how the enemy operates and shows youÖ How Satan uses the same two spirits he released on Eve in the garden as gateways to every other form of demonic assault How to successfully defeat these weapons and live free from the bondage of the enemyís attacks The power of the Holy Spirit and Godís Word can transform you into the image of God. Live in the confidence of Godís love and power. You can triumph over Satan and accomplish everything God has planned for your life!

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