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Sacred Rhythms (Chinese)

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Living in a city where the pace of life is fast, every second counts, and everything is economical. As a Christian, how much time have you spent putting down all your work, cutting off all technology, completely quiet, and retreating to God alone, enjoying and being with God? The true spiritual life of the same? How many times have you enjoyed the Sabbath that the body, mind, and spirit are resting in the Lord all day long? When you read the classics, you will only ask for information when you read newspapers or textbooks, or do you want to know and understand each other as you read them? You will regularly check your spiritual life, in order to go deeper with God, adjust the pace of life?

As a spiritual master, Ruth Barbie is committed to different spiritual practices in order to walk intimately with God. She deeply understands that walking with God has a certain spiritual rhythm. This rhythm varies from person to person, but it is closely related to the rhythm of life. In order to find and write a life-changing rhythm, spiritual training is an important key. If your current Christian life is not pleasant, spiritual life is not satisfied, and if you have rarely – or never – enjoyed the intimate relationship with God, the Holy Spirit will reveal to you Different elements of spiritual practice provide specific drill guides to help you embark on a journey of spiritual transformation.

Note: The committed group is an important exercise. In order to encourage group gymnastics practice, this book is specially equipped with guidelines for “Ling Traveler” and “Leading Team”.

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