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Romans: A 10 Week Bible Study

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  • By: Hibbs, Darren
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The concepts in Romans are deep, but understandable.  The book includes ideas held in the tension of life, but it is within those tensions that our Christian walk exists.  Things like tension between the flesh and the spirit, works and grace, and our will and God's sovereignty are what we find in Romans.  It is one of the most important books in scripture for Christians to read and know.


Bible studies can be a challenge. They're hard to keep people engaged in long enough to finish and often people feel intimidated by their lack of Bible knowledge. The 10 Week Bible study eliminates those concerns. At 10 weeks, you'll find it's the perfect length to gain a greater understanding of God's Word one book at a time.

And with things like thought-provoking questions, helpful commentary and valuable leader's tools, you'll find yourself digging into God's Word like never before.

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