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Restoring Relationships Between Fathers and Their Children

  • By: Hood, Allen
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It is God's design for us to be born into a family in order to learn how to receive love as well as how to give love, yet from the beginning, Satan has worked to sow discord in marriages and families. The evil one is an expert at causing fathers and children to turn away from one another. The prophet Malachi spoke of a coming hour when an operation of the Holy Spirit would be released that would turn the hearts of fathers to their children and hearts of children to their fathers.

In this series, Allen Hood and his son, Samuel, discuss what the Bible says about how the Holy Spirit will accomplish this as well as give practical tools so that we can partner with Him in this great and mysterious work.


2-Part series from 2017 by Allen and Samuel Hood:

01 - Five Ways for Fathers to Turn Their Hearts to Their Children - Allen Hood

02 - 5 Ways for Teenagers to Love our Parents - Samuel Hood

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