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Mike Bickle

Making a Purity Covenant: Seven Practical Commitments (CD Single)


In this age of immorality, when the concept of sexual purity has been largely forgotten and dismissed as old-fashioned, Jesus still requires his people to walk in purity and to not tolerate sexual immorality in the Church (see Rev. 2:19–20). In this teaching, Mike Bickle exhorts the IHOP–KC community to make a personal purity covenant before the Lord to resist all forms of immorality in their own lives. Speaking about God’s judgment, repentance, and tender mercy, Mike calls us to resist temptation, to seek purity with a heart of humility, and to encourage and strengthen each other in personal purity and holiness. He outlines seven practical commitments that help us to keep accountable in our speech, actions, Internet use, etc.

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