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Mike Bickle

Prayers to Strengthen Your Inner Man (CD Series)


In this four-part series, Mike Bickle teaches on the biblical necessity of praying for your own heart to be strengthened and enlightened by the Holy Spiritís power. Using examples from his personal prayer list, Mike offers practical language to use in prayer, such as the descriptions and names of Jesus in the book of Revelation. He also shares the benefits of praying the prayers of the Bible, a practice which has provided focus and depth in his own prayer life. Creating a prayer list, along with other practical tools explained here, provides an opportunity for your inner man to come alive through the Holy Spiritís anointing. These teachings will help you fellowship with the Holy Spirit, aid you in sustaining your prayer life, strengthen you to walk in the light, and guide you into powerful agreement with God as you seek to grow in the fullness of grace. Also available in booklet, DVD and MP3. In this video, Misty Edwards talks about Mike Bickle's series Prayers to Strengthen Your Inner Man.

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