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Children's Equipping Center

Prayer: Worship, Praise and Prayer from the Children's Equipping Center


Forerunner Music's first children's album, Prayer, produced with IHOPKC's Children's Equipping Center (CEC), does not fit the general mold. Prayer mixes diverse world and dance music styles with radical, heartfelt prayers and deep worship. Although aimed at older children, it will undoubtedly have a wide appeal to all ages. Standouts include the powerful "Before the World Began" and the anthemic "For the Lord Is Good." Companion teacher's manual sold separately. Tracks: 1. Song of Joy 2. Before the World Began 3. Banqueting Table 4. Dance with Me 5. The Lord's Prayer 6. So Good to Me 7. Wide Wide World 8. Eden Elysium 9. For the Lord Is Good 10. You Are Beautiful

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