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Babylon: The Resurgence of History's Most Infamous City

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  • By: Herder, Peter
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The weakening of the U.S. financial system is leading to calls for a global currency. National sovereignty is under attack. The force of globalization has united the world like never before. Human trafficking is on the rise. Influential celebrities are "awakening" to a universal, spiritual consciousness, while prominent religious leaders are encouraging inter-faith cooperation. These trends are evidence of historic transition. But what will the world look like on the other side? To understand why the earth is in turmoil, you must understand what the Bible reveals about Babylon.

Babylon: The Resurgence of History's Most Infamous City takes you on a journey through time to discover an ancient tale of spiritual rebellion with incredible ramifications for today. From the Tower of Babel to the final economic capital that will arise in the end times, this is the storyline of the ages. The Bible is the tale of two cities, Jerusalem and Babylon, and of the millennia-long conflict between spiritual forces behind them.

In the last days, Babylon will demand allegiance from all as Satan plays his final hand. Will you join with thousands throughout history who have chosen to exalt themselves above God? Or will you discern the dark agenda behind Babylon's facade of beauty and prevail? This unfolding saga has everything to do with you, your future, and the choices you will have to make in the days that lie ahead. Discover your part of history.

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246 pages

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