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Songs from the Playhouse

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On Songs from the Playhouse (the first TruWorship release aimed at preschoolers), children join characters Chloe, Jack, and Olivia as they enter the world of The Playhouse and explore the foundations of God's Truth. Songs from the Playhouse is designed to help create environments for preschoolers to respond to God both in the home (or car!) and in church.

With production by Grammy and Dove award nominated producer/engineer, Paul Dexter, and guest appearances by Tim Hughes, Crystal Lewis, and Jody McBrayer (formerly of Avalon), Songs from the Playhousestands on the cutting edge of the preschool worship experience. Songs from the Playhouse was developed in a collaborative effort between ROCKHARBOR church and David C. Cook Publishing.

  • Fun-filled, high-energy worship music with well-known personalities and singers
  • Features 12 foundation-building songs for preschoolers for just $9.99
  • Each song is set up with an introductory message to help children understand the Biblical truths
  • Part of the TRU curriculum series created by David C. Cook in partnership with ROCKHARBOR Church

Songs from the Playhouse helps create environments for your preschoolers to respond to the basic truth of who God is.



  1. Intro Dialogue
  2. Welcome to the Playhouse
  3. Dialogue - Out of Comfort Zone
  4. Ready Set Go!
  5. Dialogue - Identity
  6. Child of God
  7. Dialogue - Responsibility
  8. We Believe
  9. Dialogue - Storytelling
  10. Big God Story
  11. Dialogue - Course Correction
  12. To Live For You
  13. Dialogue - Love and Respect
  14. God of Love
  15. Dialogue - Knowing
  16. What Do You Know?
  17. Dialogue - Faith Community
  18. Dance
  19. Dialogue - Serving
  20. Jesus, I Will Follow
  21. Dialogue - Modeling
  22. Jesus By My Side
  23. Closing Dialogue
  24. In This Life (Closing Song)

Style: High-Energy Kids Worship



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