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Partnership Development for the Fully Funded Missionary Training Manual

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  • By: Parker, Rob
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Has God called you to Full–Time Missions, but You Lack the Finances to Move Forward? The mission field is understaffed. Unreached people groups, which make up 42% of the world population, have one foreign missionary for every 216,000 souls. Many who are called never reach the field because of financial lack or insufficient relational support. But it doesn't have to be like this; God has a better way. 

God has funded His workers for over 3,500 years through the partnership of His family. The Great Commission does not belong to the missionary alone; it belongs to the Body of Christ. In both the Old and New Testament is a substantial culture of partnership–the family of God rallying around the workers and making them available to do the work of God. 

Rob Parker presents a modern application of the ancient model. In this training manual you will discover God's pattern for funding His mission and His workers. You will be given clarity, the confidence of Scripture, a real action plan, and practical steps toward being fully funded. You will receive help identifying your ministry assignment, sharing your vision, and inviting the Body of Christ to be part of it.

God sends missionaries into the harvest with the prayer, camaraderie, and financial support of a team. You can raise a partnership team and move forward with strength and confidence to complete the assignment that God has given you. God has a support team for every called missionary!


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