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E G Carre traces the life of John Hyde from beginning to triumphant climax. We see God moulding Hyde's soul into an instrument fit for His use. We hear John speaking the language of heaven to the eager men and women of India. Paramount in the biography is the power of prayer in the life of this great missionary. Courageously Hyde placed his petitions before God and inspired others to do the same. In the autumn of his life this consecrated missionary to India saw the gleaming harvest of his prayers a harvest of souls saved by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. At last the man who never slept went to be with his Savior. But today in the Punjab, under the shadow of the Himalayas, still hovers the spirit of Praying Hyde—the apostle of prayer. Do you desire a richer prayer life deeper communion with God more eloquent and soul-stirring speech with the Almighty? A thoughtful reading of this biography of Praying Hyde will prove helpful to you as you seek to develop that supreme skill of the Christian life—prayer.

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