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Omega: Student Manual

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A time is coming when life as we know it will be forever changed. This period of time, referred to as the end times, or the end of the age, will bring the most intense trouble the world and the Church have ever witnessed; but it will also usher in the greatest revival the Church has ever experienced. Scripture provides more information about the end times than most of us realize and teaches that believers are not simply to survive this time, but are to thrive during it. We will play a part in the Church's greatest revival and victory since the beginning of time! The study of the end times is not optional for Christians. Those who are prepared for the end times will not only stand during the troubling times, but will lead others to Jesus and help them stand as well. It is vital that every Christian study the end times, seek God's heart about His purposes for the Church and the individual in the end times, and understand the nature of the events that will take place as God's end-time plan unfolds. Omega has been designed to help churches, small groups, and individuals understand what the Bible says about the end times and prepare their hearts for the days to come. It is a DVD-based curriculum, accompanied by this Student Manual and other materials found in Omega Leader's Tool Kit (sold separately). While Omega is full of scripturally-based, revelatory teaching and insight, it is about more than information. It's about preparing people for the end times and equipping them to help prepare others. Participating in a small Omega group will enable you to do just that. Your group will seek out the Scriptures together, discuss what you find, share what you think, and ask God to show you His heart. ,,Dear Friends, the Bible was written to be understood by everyone. When we read the book of Revelation and other end times-related scriptures with this in mind, we realize it is possible for us to study the end times and comprehend what the Bible says about this period of history. A clear picture emerges . . . it is the picture of a King returning to earth and we are in the picture! For some time, we have wanted to provide a resource for people who want an overview of the end times. This DVD-based, small-group-focused course will provide you with both information and a setting in which to discuss the information, as you embark on a journey of discovery and understanding. It will challenge your existing paradigms and encourage you and your group to seek the Bible in search of answers about how we pursue the victory that God says all believers must have at the end of the age. Our prayer is that in going through Omega, each participant will recognize and embrace his or her own place in God's glorious plan for the end of the age and the return of Jesus. Sincerely, Mike Bickle Director, International House of Prayer of Kansas City

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