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Next Wave: Worship in a New Era

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  • By: Sorge, Bob
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Bob Sorge has written another book on worship that’s about to rumble through the global body of Christ. In this book, he engages with the question, Where is God taking us in worship? We’re in a worship movement—that is, we’ve come a long way, and the Lord has new things in store for us in the days ahead. This book will help serve as a compass to direct your vision for this momentous decade. Get a copy for all your friends in worship ministry!

You will discover:

·       An intriguing history of worship over the past six decades that contains the DNA of our future.

·       Spiritual signposts that will help you become a participant in the next waves of Holy Spirit visitation.

·       Practical guidance for awakening the song of the people.

·       The irreplaceable necessity of Spirit-empowered leadership. 

·       The ingredients of spontaneous worship.

·       A vision for worship that rides waves of Holy Spirit momentum all the way to the shore.

Pages: 184



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