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The Mystery of Israel and the Middle East

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  • By: Goll, James
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You Can Help Compose History before the Throne of the Almighty!

Pages are turning on God's prophetic calendar, approaching that glorious day when His Son will step once again into the world of time and space. What is the key to this timetable? The answer is Israel. And the controversy over her destiny affects every nation on earth.

In an urgent plea for prophetic watchmen, James W. Goll calls you to join the global prayer movement to remind God of His promises toward His ancient covenant people, according to a targeted biblical plan. He discusses fascinating fulfillments to biblical prophecy, right up to the present day; seven reasons to pray and stand for Israel; and guidelines to praying for all the descendants of Abraham--the offspring of Hagar, Sarah and Keturah--Jew and Arab alike.

Join with watchmen worldwide to remind God of His prophetic calendar, and watch as He fulfills His promises to Israel!

"Readers of this edifying and scripturally rich book will learn how to pray and intercede for Israel, as well as see more clearly how what we do personally contributes to the unfolding of these eternal purposes."--Dr. Michael L. Brown

Portions of this book were previously published in Praying for Israel's Destiny and The Coming Israel Awakening.

Paperback, 320 pages.

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