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Longing For His Return

  • By: Candler, Dana
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Jesus told us that His friends would mourn when the Bridegroom was taken from them (Matt 9:15). We are living in the delay between Jesus’ first and second comings, days of deepest yearning for the dawn of His return. 

Amidst the lethargy of our Western, modern, religious landscape, our longing for Jesus is a witness to others that He is more than a name and more than a religion. He is a Person so majestic in beauty, kindness and truth that our hearts are unsatisfied with anyone or anything but Him.

We long for Jesus and for His return for one simple reason: we love Him.  This book will ignite in you a holy yearning for Jesus and His appearing.

(Revised Print) Formerly titled "Mourning for the Bridegroom."


178 pages

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