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Life Lessons in Transformation and Rest

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  • By: Canha, Juliet
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99 devotional lessons on Transformation

"English Language Learners Definition of metamorphosis is a significant change in the appearance or character of someone or something. And from a biology standpoint, it's a substantial change in the form or structure of some animals or insects that happens as the animal or insect becomes an adult. A cocoon is a quiet hidden place that seems dormant- and yet, immense transformation is happening on the inside. Did you know that once a caterpillar is locked in the cocoon, it's broken down into a soup-like substance before changing into a new creature takes place? A caterpillar goes through an extreme metamorphosis in becoming a butterfly. Have you ever felt circumstantially confined in a cocoon, as if your world is shaken up a bit? There are specific times in my life that felt like a cocoon experience for me. God was breaking down my flesh (or carnal tendencies) and delivering me from unsurrendered areas of self-will that I was more out of touch with than I realized, back when life was still "business as usual." Butterflies are an intriguing phenomenon of God's creation that speaks to us about transformation. When a butterfly morphs from a cocoon, we see a beautiful picture of new life. The Lord spoke to me once and said, "Juliet, You are a butterfly who still believes you are a caterpillar." (Let's say in some ways, I'm still acting like a caterpillar spiritually). As I renew my mind in God's truth, surrender my will, and obey the leading of His Spirit, I experience transformation, rest, and freedom to live a life that glorifies Jesus. These life lessons in transformation and rest are a process for sure! I encourage you to pray for God's grace to enable you to persevere through these lessons and live as though you believe you are a new creation in Christ (see 2 Corinthians 5:15-17). Once, while doing a partial fast, I had a vivid dream. In the dream, Jesus entered a room where I was seated. I immediately ran over to Him and desperately wanted to hug Him and express all of my thoughts and desires, but He stopped me before I could speak and seemed to want to say something vital – then I woke up. As I’ve pondered this experience, I have come to realize that He has much to say, but I’m often distracted by my thoughts and desires, which keep me from clearly hearing His still, small voice. My prayer and hope are that you will hear the Lord speaking to you through this book and find inspiration on your journey of transformation. It contains many of the Life Lessons from my faith-walk with God through the years. Each chapter includes specific Lessons and Challenges for application and reflection. There is a lot of Scripture throughout this book. As you read, I encourage you to grab your journal and find a quiet place to wait on the Lord and hear Him speak." - Juliet Canha


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