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Knowing Jesus

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Knowing Jesus is a curriculum of the Young Messengers Classes of the Children’s Equipping Center, and it can be adapted for ages 6 and up.  Each lesson is designed to help the teacher to easily prepare and present the material through four parts: Invitation, Impartation, Application, and Impact.  In Part One: The Invitation, the teacher will invite students to know his/her heart for them and the lesson being taught. The teacher will communicate his/her desire that they experience the lesson and the heart and love God has for them. In Part Two: The Impartation, students will be guided into the knowledge of God through His Word. In Part Three: The Application, the teacher will help students identify areas of their lives where they can apply God’s Word and His emotions. In Part Four: The Impact, students will be assisted to communicate what they have learned and how it impacted them. They will also gain understanding of how they can impact their realm of influence with God’s truth.  In-class and at-home activities and song suggestions are included.


Knowing Jesus introduces students to the Bridegroom who is both fully God and fully Man.  They will meet Jesus, the Servant King, meek and lowly.  At the foot of the cross, they will find the forgiveness of Jesus as He sacrificed Himself for their sins.  They will explore the beauty and the power of Jesus, as well as the glory of His resurrection.  Students will learn they are part of His inheritance, and that Jesus is coming back for them.


Lesson 1 – Friends Of The Bridegroom


Lesson 2 – Jesus Is Fully Man


Lesson 3 – Jesus is Fully God


Lesson 4 – Jesus, The Servant King


Lesson 5 – Signs, Wonders, & Miracles


Lesson 6 – The Beauty of Jesus


Lesson 7 – The Crucifixion of Jesus


Lesson 8 – Forgiveness At The Foot Of The Cross


Lesson 9 – Glory Of The Risen Lord


Lesson 10 – The Soon Coming King


Lesson 11 – Jesus’ Inheritance In The Saints


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