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Kids Supernaturally Natural: Mentoring Caterpillars into Butterflies

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“Kids Supernaturally Natural” gives the reader whether young or old a passion to hear God’s voice and let Holy Spirit lead into a real adventure with God. The author wants to encourage you even when you do not feel adequate. The author leads the reader with scriptural principals that are mature but easily grasped by children. It is the desire of the author to portray the ease of ministry allowing God to really lead while standing in awe of the miracles that follow children. We have underestimated the power of God in children by trying to compete with what the world is offering and not allowing them to reach their full potential as a willing vessel for God to use. I believe the secret lies in teaching them to pray, how to hear God’s voice, laying down their rights in order to honor God by giving their hearts to make Jesus the Famous one in all the earth. This is what we were created for, “to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.” We were all created to “GO” and tell others out of our love for a most amazing Father.

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