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David Pawson

Jesus Baptises in One Holy Spirit


Who? How? When? Why? For the most part, the Church has been silent about Jesus' role as baptiser in the Spirit, though John declared this to be the principal contribution of His Messianic ministry. Through exploration of the relevant scriptures of both Old and New Testaments, David Pawson describes eight essential elements in the baptism of the Spirit. Pawson maintains that the sacramental, evangelical, and pentecostal streams in Christianity have all failed to do justice to this biblical doctrine. In particular, its dual purpose of purity and power, for salvation and service, needs to be recovered if we are to become a truly apostolic Church in the twenty-first century. David Pawson, a pastor for decades in the UK, has an itinerant ministry in the UK and overseas and is well-known to many around the world through Christian broadcasting. He is one of the preeminent British Bible teachers, known for the truth and clairity of His teaching. He is the author of numerous books including Unlocking the Bible, The Normal Christian Birth, and When Jesus Returns.

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